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Quick and Easy Steps For Buying Color Bakery Products Online

To Purchase Color Bakery Art on Our Customized Art Products
1. Select the image you want. Choose from any image on this website. Note the name and/or number of the image.
2. Go to our store and decide which product you want.
3. When loading your cart, select "Color Bakery image" from the dropdown menu choices.
4. Enter the image name/number in the space provided by typing it in.
5. Complete the shopping process and check out with your order.

To Purchase Your Art/Photography on Our Customized Art Products
1. Select the image you want printed from your harddrive.
2. Go to our Upload Page and upload the image, with specific, detailed instructions.
2. Go to our store and decide which product you want.
3. When loading your cart, select "My Uploaded Art/Photography " from the dropdown menu choices.
4. Enter your name, or the name of the image and/or the image reference number (by typing it in) you received via email after you uploaded it.
5. Complete the shopping process and check out with your order.

A) What size is "Glass Blossom" (or any other image) and how much is it?
B) How much are tile murals? (Mural sizing explained).
C) Custom printing prices, product prices, shipping prices.
D.) How much is it to turn my photo into a painting?
E) How do you make the tiles?
F) Can I find your products at a store near me?
G) Selecting art: what are my options?
H) My art or photography on your products. How does that work?
I) I'd like a beach scene (still life, fill-in-the-blank) backsplash. Can you send me what you have?
J) Payment Options
K) Can you create art just for me?
L) I live outside the US. Will you ship to me?
M) Returns and Privacy Policy; Terms and Buyer's Agreement
N) Why are sample sale items so discounted?

O) Are your products earth-friendly?
P) I would like a bigger cutting board, clock, lazy susan, etc, than what you show online.
Q) Can I just buy tiles (or any other product) I like and have you print on them?
R) Can I buy blank products and paint on them?
S) Are the glass products see-through?
T) I just uploaded my photo. Now what do I do?
U) I don't want the tile with the frame, I just want the frame.
V) What types of tiles and tile sizes do you sell?
W) Do you provide free samples?
X) I want to buy one of your images, but I would also like you to change the coloring, (add text), etc.

A) What size is "Glass Blossom" (or any other image on and how much is it?

No image on this site has a "size" until it is printed on something. It can be any size you want, and any size required for the product. Therefore, those are two questions that we can't answer until we know the product you want to buy. Simply put, we can make any image in any size and we can print it on any product. The same answer goes for our photos-to-paintings service. We can make it any size you want--it *has* no size until it is printed on a product.

An aside: if you choose a square image to be printed on a rectangular product, we can make it work, and visa-versa. We are artists, we are adept at cropping
the image artfully so that it fits each product perfectly and to its best advantage. If you do not want your image cropped at all, make sure you match the image orientation with the product, ie, if you want a rectangular image on a mural, make sure the mural you are buying is rectangle-sized.

We can print ANY IMAGE you choose on ANY PRODUCT you choose on this website.

B) How much are tile murals? (Mural sizing explained)

You can find this information on our itile murals page, along with a list of sizes. Custom sizes are available that are in increments of the standard tile sizes we have available. Custom sizes must adhere to these standard tile dimensions.

Tile murals must be in increments of either 4" (for tumbled stone only), 4.25", 6", 8" or 12". We cannot cut them (although you can if you want to; make sure you have it cut by a professional who uses a special tile cutter) and we can't sell you a circular tile mural (the art can be a circle but the mural itself will not be) or individual tiles that are not square or rectangular. Tile murals are either square or rectangular in shape. Given the sizes of the tiles, we cannot produce, say, a 13" x 13" mural. It would need to be 12" x 12", which is the closest to that size. All mural sizes are listed in graph format on our tile murals page. Please look at that page for available sizing and pricing. Murals come in ceramic, glass or tumbled stone.

We can also create tile floors either in ceramic or porcelain tile or tempered glass tile. This tile is tempered and made especially for floors and is approved by the flooring industry. Both tile types are scratch resistant and can handle weight/walking.

Other Sized Tiles
We do have 2" x 2" and 3" x 3" tiles, as well as subway tiles. We do have other sized tiles than those listed on the site, tiles we can order custom for you. Contact us for more information.

C) Custom printing prices, product prices, shipping prices.

Prices for all products are clearly listed on our e-commerce site. The easiest way to see what our prices are for Color Bakery art products, simply look at the  ecommerce store.

There is no extra charge if we print your photography/artwork as opposed to Color Bakery art.

Want to know what a product costs including shipping? If in doubt, load a "make believe" or "fake" shopping cart. It will show you the total and you can abandon it at any time if you opt not to complete the purchase. You can easily find out exactly what you will be charged for shipping by making a "fake" shopping cart. If you decide not to make the purchase, you don't have to. Just abandon your cart and surf away. You will NOT BE CHARGED.

D) How much is it to turn my photo into a painting?

This is not done with real paint, but digitally. A standard photo-to-painting is 95.00. This is for the time required to create the painting; it does not include any product it is printed on. Any additional or specialized design or artwork is charged per-project, each project above and beyond standard photos-to-painting is quoted individually. There is no "size". It is a piece of digital art, and, as such, can be sized any way you want. We can print your new painting (made from your photo) on any one of our products. More information about photos-to-paintings and customized art services can be read about here.

E) How do you make the tiles?

They are made with a heat press, special paper and special ink. They are not made with paint. The process uses heat and pressure, and the ink becomes a permanent part of the tile. They cannot wash off. Our ceramic and stone tiles receive the ink on the front of the tile; our glass tiles receive the ink on the back. When we ship tile murals, the tiles will be numbered and correspond to a grid that we will also send you, enabling you to put the mural together easily. We do not do installation.

F) Can I find your products at my local store?

Possibly. We are a relatively young, independent company and are just starting to put distribution and retailing networks into place, which takes time. Therefore, unless you live in the same parts of the country where we have our growing list of retail customers, you will need to purchase our products either online through this website, by fax or phone or even snailmail. No matter where you live in the world, you can purchase Color Bakery products.

G) How do I select art for my product? What are my options? How do I do it?

The easiest way to browse the art on this site is this way: see the navigation bar menu on the top of every page? The third one from the left reads, "Select Art." Click on that and you will get a dropdown menu with categories and some subcategories. Or, you can select your product first by clicking here, and then browsing all the art by clicking on the "Select Art" navigation button on top of every page.

Note: The cost is the same whether you buy Color Bakery art or upload your own. The only extra charge would be if you want something created from scratch, and you would need to contact us with details.

1. Dreamscape Gallery: Our Signature Series.
2. Art Patterns
3. Chimera Collection
4. Emergence Series: butterfly art.
5. Photo Gallery
6. Painting Gallery
7. Zodiac Series
8 . Stained Glass Gallery
9 . Organica Gallery: for fine home decor.
10. Vintage Gallery

Once you've decided on your product and your image, just enter the image name and number (if applicable) into the space provided at checkout. Select "Color Bakery image" from the dropdown menu. ALL images are available on ALL products on this site except the pre-printed Emergence Magnets and Dreamscape Greeting Cards. However, we also have custom made magnets and custom printed greeting cards.

H) My art or photography on your products. How does that work?

We can print your artwork or photography on our products. You must either own the artwork outright (own the copyright) or have written permission from the artist who created it. The art must be in digital format for us to print it.

You cannot send us a 70KB file (or a file less than one megabyte in size) and expect optimum printing results, no matter what the product is. The end result is directly dependent upon the quality of the image you send to us, so it is best to make sure that the file has at *least* two megabytes of data.

If you have a low resolution file that you really want printed on a product, contact us. We may be able to work some magic and enlarge it safely. There may be an upcharge for this service.

File Requirements

For every foot (12 inches) in your mural, that is equivalent to 3660 pixels by 3660 pixels. So let's say you want a mural that is four feet wide by two feet tall, or forty-eight inches wide by twenty-four inches tall. That requires a digital file that measures 14,400 pixels wide by 7200 pixels tall. That's a very large file, which means that you must provide us with either a high resolution scan of the image or provide an image rich enough in data (preferably at least 10 megabytes of data or more for a mural this large) so that we can safely enlarge your image for you. We can enlarge your image for you, but you must send us a high quality, high resolution, data-rich file to work from.

If you want us to print your art or photography on our products, or want us to create a custom painting for you, your file must ideally be 300 dpi. If your file is not 300 dpi and, in fact, is less than two megabytes in size, we cannot provide optimum results. We accept .jpg, .psd, .pdf and .tif formats. We do not accept .gif files. We prefer .tif files. All fonts must be rasterized and embedded in the file, if applicable. If the file uses layers, the file must be flattened before you submit it to us. If your file has text, the text must come in at least 3/4" inch from the borders otherwise it may be cropped off.

We are much more flexible with size and resolution for custom paintings, as the process is different, so smaller images that are 90 dpi and up may work fine. If you're not sure, please email us. Learn more about file requirements on our upload page. If you have an image you want to use for printing and are not sure about how it will look or if it can be sized properly, contact us.

If you are purchasing a tile mural and are very demanding/exacting about color, we suggest you buy a test tile (one small six inch tile) to test the color and assess quality before you purchase a mural.

For resellers and wholesale buyers who want their art/photography on our products, there is a minimum of $350 for the order and reorder, plus there may be an additional set up charge (if necessary, we try to waive whenever possible) to make the artwork or photography printer-ready, if applicable. Setup may not be necessary, we take it on a case by case basis. Read more here.

If you are a reseller who wants to buy Color Bakery art, the minimum order/reorder is $350.00. No setup charge applies for Color Bakery art.

Feel free to call as at 1.802.287.9098 Eastern time, 7 days a week, 11AM-5PM. Or email us.

Retail Buyers
If you are not a reseller but just want to print your work on our product(s) for your own enjoyment, please read letter C.

I) I'd like a beach scene (forest, still life, fill-in-the-blank) backsplash. Can you send me what you have?

We have a truly gigantic (huge!) archive of art and photography and if we honored every request to send examples we'd be spending most of our days searching and putting together sample thumbnails and never getting anything else done. We are very happy to help find the perfect image for you, but we also don't have endless time to do searches for prospective customers. So if you are seriously interested in having us do a search, please be as specific as possible. In other words, if you want a tropical scene, is it a daytime scene? Nighttime? Palm trees? Ocean? People? Sunset? Birds in the sky? What size do you have in mind, and what kind of tiles are you interested in using? Should the image be more landscape or portrait oriented (wider than long or longer than wide?) The more information you can give us, the better, and the more weight we will give to your inquiry. It can literally take hours to go through our database and match your requirements, so a small search fee may be required. In most cases, we will be able to send you a variety of choices. If we do not have any images that correlate to what you are seeking, we will tell you up front. If we receive a request for "beach scenes" or a similar request with no other specifics, we will merely reply with a link to this page.

J) Payment Options.

You have a couple of options. You can shop online as Color Bakery accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. You may click here and go to the online Color Bakery Store . (it's on a 100 percent secure server so you can shop with confidence and ease).

You may also fax your order by sending it to 1.802.287.5892. You would need to include exactly what you are ordering (be specific as possible), and fill out your credit card information on the form, including name on card, expiry date, phone number, three-digit security code and the address the card gets billed to, along with shipping information.

Or you can send a money order, bank check/certified check or traveler's check (only US funds will be accepted), by mailing it to Color Bakery, PO Box 74, Poultney, VT 05764. Personal checks are okay, but they must clear before we start your order. COD's are not accepted. Note: for your own protection, we do not recommend sending credit card info via email. Email is not 100% secure unless encoded, and there is always the possibility of having your credit card information stolen by unsavory individuals. The safest way to send credit card info is by fax or phone.

You may also call us on the telephone to place your order: 1.802.287.9098. Fax: 802.287.5892.
You can call us 7 days/week, 11AM-5PM Eastern time. Note: all orders over $25 are automatically shipped via UPS.

K) Can you create custom art just for me?

Yes. We can create a design just for you. Your colors, your personality, your vision, your style. We can create a seascape, a dreamscape, a pattern, an abstract, a still life with your favorite display, a floral with your favorite flowers, or even a pattern. You can also commission us to create a custom portrait of yourself, a loved one or even your pet. We will use any photograph you provide to us. We can then take the finished painting and print the art on any product on this website. We can also create custom collages and take those collages and turn them into paintings. The fact is, our capabilities are singular and our skills are powerful and wide-ranging.

Click here to read about our many special services.

L) I live outside the United States. Will you ship to me?

Absolutely. We will ship anywhere in the world. Just select "International Shipping" at checkout.

Special note to our Canadian friends: you pay the same shipping rates as our domestic US customers.

M) Returns and privacy policy. Terms and Buyer's Agreement.

Color Bakery creates products at the request of our customer, and everything we do is custom made. Therefore, we do not accept returns or offer credits or exchanges. All sales are final. We will happily replace the merchandise if it is damaged or broken in shipping. You must report damage within seven days. Your customer information is not sold or shared with anybody for any reason and your credit information is kept on a secure server (SSL) that is hacker protected. Click here to see the Terms page that you will agree to prior to final store checkout.

N) Why are sample sale items so discounted?

Sample sale items are usually displayed at art shows, gallery shows, showrooms, craft and art fairs. They may sometimes be brand new, but sometimes they may not be, and therefore, may not be perfect. Although we look them over for any flaws before we put them on sale, we do not guarantee perfection as we would had we made them fresh. They are wonderful bargains because any flaws, if they exist at all, are minor. Like other Color Bakery products, however, sample sale items are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable. But unlike other Color Bakery products, we will not replace an item with a flaw--either real or perceived.

O) Are your products earth-friendly?

Yes! A goodly portion of our products are earth friendly. Our glass tile is made from reconstituted glass, as is our tumbled marble tile. Additionally, our metal products (trivets, frames, easels) are made from reconstituted metal. The paper that we use to make the print transfers for our tiles and other substrates is recycled paper. Our furniture is made from eco-friendly woods (Alder Wood in particular). And finally, our shipping department is extremely eco-friendly--we use and reuse shipping materials sent to us. Approximately eighty to eighty-five percent of our shipping materials are recycled.

P) I would like a bigger (smaller) clock, cutting board, lazy susan, etc, than what you show online.

The only clocks, cutting boards, lazy susans, boxes, mirrors, trivets, etc. etc. are those we have listed on the website. In fact, if you don't see the product online, that means we don't sell it. :) We can, however, get different sized tiles than what you may see online, so if it is a certain size tile you are looking for that you don't see, please contact us. We might be able to get them.

Q) Can I just buy tiles (or any other product) I like and have you print on them?

No. We must use special tiles and surfaces that have special coatings that receive our special inks.

R) Can I buy blank products and paint on them?

We'll sell you blank (unprinted) products if you like, but we can't say whether they will receive paint well or not, and couldn't guarantee that in either direction.

S) Are the glass products see-through?

The glass is backed with a thin layer of coating, so even though they are not transparent, they are luminescent. The image will appar opague on the glass. However, if you backlight the tiles, some light will softly come through and light up the tile with luminescent, ambient light for a beautiful, soft effect.

T) I just uploaded my photo. Now what do I do?

If the upload was successful, you will receive an email confirmation with a number. If you do not receive a confirmation, the upload did not go through. That confirmation number is what you use to order the image on any product in our ecommerce store. (You can also use your name instead of the confirmation number). Once you have selected a product in the store, you will see a couple of options as you load your cart. One option will have a blank field you can type in that says "my uploaded art/photography." Type that same number in the blank field. Don't see a reference number? No worries. Just type your NAME in that empty field. If you uploaded the photo/art because you want us to look at it and tell us if it is printable, please say so in the note with your upload, and be as specific as you can as to what you are looking to purchase, or the assistance you require. If we receive an upload with a vague note or no note at all, your upload will be immediately deleted.

U) I don't want the tile with the frame, I just want the frame.

We don't sell frames by themselves, nor do we sell any "partial" products. If you want to buy the product and dissemble it yourself and use whatever element you want to use, you are welcome to do that, but we don't sell our products that way.

V) What kind of tile types and sizes do you sell?

We sell glass tiles, ceramic tiles, tumbled stone/tumbled marble tiles and tumbled porcelain tiles. Tiles come in 4" (tumbled stone only); 4.25" (glass, ceramic); 6" (glass, ceramic, tumbled stone, hardboard); 8" (glass, ceramic, tumbled stone, hardboard); 6" x 8" (ceramic); 8" x 10" (ceramic); and 12" (tempered glass, ceramic, tumbled stone and hardboad). Tempered glass cannot be cut. Tempered glass is also used for floors as they do not scratch and you need a frontloader to break them--they are meant to take weight. Other sizes we can get for you for custom projects include subway tiles (3" x 4"). Contact us with any questions you have for your customized home decor project.

The most beautiful floors you've ever seen can be custom made for you with any image you see on the Color Bakery website. We can make one image divided, or a repeating pattern. We have brand new porcelain floor tiles that are sturdy and truly scratch-resistant, and they can be cut. We also have scratch-resistant ceramic floor tiles as well as 6" and 12" tempered, scratch-resistant glass floor tiles. Contact us with any questions you have for your customized home decor project.

W) Do you provide free samples? I am a reseller.
Sorry, we do not. If you are a reseller and want to do product testing, we invite you to purchase one item at retail pricing.
X) I want to buy one of your images, but want you to change coloring, add text, etc.
No problem. Sometimes adding text can take less than two minutes, and there would be no additional fee. But sometimes what you are asking for is far more involved, and can take more time..often, a lot more time. We will bill out art time at 80/hour and let you know in advance how work-intensive your request translates to in terms of time.

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