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A webring is a "ring" of sites, all linked together by a common theme. They are linked by way of all having a special ring graphic and accompanying code. This allows surfers, prospective buyers, etc "jump" from one site to another easily by merely clicking on the graphic to navigate the ring. In essence, your fellow and sister ring members are sending you potential customers, and you are doing the same for them. A webring automatically increases visibility and traffic for all participants, and automatically enhances every member's search engine rating. In fact, there is no downside to being part of a webring--everybody benefits.

There are many incredibly talented artists--artists like you---who create magic and put them on tiles. Here's a way to increase the chances of having your work being seen by those who want to see it.

Whether you hand-fire your tiles, use the raku process, or work with dye transfer, whether you use a paintbrush, pen or mouse to create your art, there are many people who would love to learn more about your work and bring your unique vision into their personal space. That's why this ring was created, to bring tile artists together and make them easy to find by people who are tired of the ceramic tiles they see in WalMart or Target or at the local tile store. Something fresh, unique and different. Something they can't find anywhere else but through you.

The Art Tile Ring is the only webring online for tile artists. And we have big plans to get the word out to both artists and prospective buyers. Search engines, banner advertising, cross-linking, email marketing and other marketing initiatives are just some ways we intend to make this ring grow.

To any artist throughout the world who doesn't have the desire, wherewithall, ability or funds to mass produce their products overseas---requiring buying thousands of an item at a time---trying to market one's work on tiles and remain competitively priced can be a real challenge. To be sure, maintaining the integrity of one's art and crafting by hand in a mass-produced, assembly line world can be difficult at times.

We also have just implemented a free rotating banner program for our members. Now you can advertise your art and your website for free, and to a targeted market. Click here for more info.

Whether you create tile murals or floors as well as other tile-based products, whether you put your artwork on glass tiles or tumbled stone tiles or ceramic tiles, if you are an artist who wants to be part of a community of likeminded artists who work with tile, please join us.

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