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Click and download our old catalogue here. This catalogue has 1/3 of the available products.
This catalogue only has 1/10 of the available art.

>>>>>We no longer offer a printed catalogue, only a wholesale price list. >>>>>>

We do not sell samples at wholesale pricing that do not meet the minimum order requirements.
We do not offer free samples.
We do not extend credit.

NEW! Resellers: see our product line up close and personal on your computer monitor!
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Showroom display Imagine a candle sconce with beautiful artwork AND your logo. Or, if you have a store located in beautiful Cape Cod, a wall key hook with beautiful art that also reads, "Martha's Vineyard" or "Welcome to Virginia Beach." The possibilities? Endless. The choices of products and art? Huge. With styles to fit all tastes, decor and color preferences. Whether you want a product image designed from scratch, or you order from one of our top-selling images, if you can envision it, we can make it happen.

Color Bakery wholesales our full product line to the finest gift, home decor, interior and kitchen design and art stores across the United States and internationally. In fact, our line is highly recommended by some of the country's top architects and interior designers.

Who Are Your Wholesale Customers?
Gift stores, home decor accessory stores, art galleries, craft stores, furniture stores, arborterums, nurseries, flower shops, home decor stores, coffee shops and cafes, health and beauty spas, new age stores, tile stores, interior decorating organizations, book stores, hospital gift shops, candle stores, clock stores, hardware stores, churches and religious organizations, pharmacies, and more.

Service, Price Points, Delivery
Our price points are competitive and our service is impeccable with personalized attention. As everything we make is custom, we ask for two to four weeks.

What makes Color Bakery different?
-Unlike some companies who do this kind of personalized, custom work, we manufacture everything ourselves. We do not farm it out to a third party. This means you and us together have total control over the quality of the product, and the costs are much more competitive than using a third party service.

sheer amount of art, style and product choices is unprecedented. We also do custom work--from scratch--and everything you see on this site is original art. The art you see here you will not see anywhere else. That is a guarantee.

-We pride ourselves on intensely personal and focused customer service. We are committed to our customers, and, as artists, know how important color accuracy and quality can make in the end result.

-We offer full, from-scratch, custom design and art capability. We can take your vision and transform it onto tile, glass, stone and many other products. We also offer photos-to-paintings, a service that will truly amaze and delight you.

-We design full, exclusive and original product lines for resellers. We also do original logo design. We *never* use templates or clip art in our designs. Period. Everything is produced from scratch.

Where Is Your Wholesale Price List?
Please email or call us at 1.802.287.9098 and we will get it to you ASAP. The prices you see on this website are retail prices. We no longer offer a paper catalogue as we consider them limiting. Our website is the best way to view our line.

What Products Do You Sell?
Click here to see our full line, or go to our online store.

Do You Wholesale Your Wall Murals?
Yes. Contact us for more information.

Wholesale requirements? Samples?
$350 plus shipping order/reorder. You may mix and match art/products as you like. Extensive image resizing, retouching, cropping and/or enlarging may require an upcharge.
• Proof of reseller status (i.e., a tax ID, ecommerce store, etc) is required for all wholesale orders.
• We take Visa, Amex, Mastercard and Discover, as well as PayPal, money orders and checks.
• Wholesale merchandise cannot be purchased online. Our e-store is priced for retail. Please contact us by phone or email to purchase wholesale.
• We DO NOT sell samples at wholesale prices unless they meet minimum order requirements. Wholesale orders *must* meet the $350 minimum. If you want to get a few samples for a test run, please upload your image and order online which is priced at retail pricing.

But I am Outside the United States.
Color Bakery ships to wholesale customers all over the world, from the UK to Saudi Arabia to Japan and in-between.

CUSTOM WORK (click HERE to read more about custom work)

We Design the Art From Scratch.
We can create a beautiful, exclusive piece of art that represents your company in the special, unique way you envision. It can be logo design, but It doesn't have to be a mere logo, it can be a piece of true art, to which you would own exclusive copyright. We can print this special logo/image/art on coffee mugs, on ceramic or glass tiles, decorative plates, wherever your imagination takes you. Contact us, we can make it happen. Phone: 1.802.287.9098. Or email us by going here.

You Supply The Art.
If you would like your existing artwork or logo on mugs, ceramic/glass/stone tiles or decorative porcelain plates, minimum order: $350.00 plus shipping. Reorder of same or different images: $350 plus shipping. Setup charge for making the artwork printer-ready: *$80/hour. *(If you are conversant with an art program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro and can follow a template and size your art properly, there is no need for a set-up charge. We take every custom printing order on a case by case basis; depending on the amount of work involved in setting up your artwork, we may, in special or low-intensity setup situations, waive the set-up fee.) Contact us with any questions you have by going here.

We Supply The Art (Color Bakery artwork).
$350 order/reorder, plus shipping.

Please contact us using our contact form. We will get back to you within a couple of hours. You may also phone us at 1.802.287.9098, 11am-6pm, Eastern Time, to get more wholesale information. Written inquiries may be mailed to: Color Bakery, PO Box 74, Poultney, VT 05764. Fax: 802.287.5892.

Thank you for your interest in Color Bakery. :-)

Custom Art Gallery: Samples of our custom wholesale projects for resellers
Popoura Coffee House Custom Shoulderbag  with Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Art
Porpoura Coffee House Breast Cancer Awareness Heart Pins
Porpoura Coffee House Mugs with Breast Cancer Ribbon---Color Bakery designed company logo and art
Stili Custom Art Trivet- client supplied art, Color Bakery created custom design
Seraphim Creations: we designed their full product line, designing some art from scratch, and for the rest using the client's art

"Of all God's gifts to the sighted man, color is holiest, the most divine, the most solemn." -John Ruskin