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Vintage Art Tiles, Vintage Tile Murals

Welcome to Color Bakery's Vintage Art Gallery, where you can get any of the original vintage pastiches and illustrations below (not to mention all artwork on this site) hand-printed in glorious color on any product we make, from tile murals to custom tiles to to custom home decor accents and more.

We can print these award-winning vintage original art images on any product you like: custom tile murals, floors, backsplashes; custom art home decor accents like serving trays and clocks and coasters, and much more.

  • New York Style I
  • New York Style II
  • Les Chats I
  • Les Chats II
  • Salon I
  • Salon II
  • We The People
  • Fifties Kitchen I
  • Fifties Kitchen II
  • Fifties Kitchen III
  • Fifties Kitchen IV
  • Fifties Kitchen V
  • Le Bain Paris I
  • Le Bain Paris II
  • Stacked Teacups I
  • Stacked Teacups II
  • Vintage Cafe I
  • Vintage Cafe II
  • Vintage Cafe III
  • Vintage Cafe IV
  • Victorian Table I
  • Victorian Table II
  • Victorian Table III
  • Victorian Table IV
  • Lumieres I
  • Lumieries II
  • Streets of Paris I
  • Streets of Paris II
  • Petals of Paris I
  • Petals of Paris II
  • Petals of Paris III
  • Petals of Paris IV
  • Patchwork Brocade I
  • Patchwork Brocade II
  • Brooklyn Sign I
  • Brooklyn Sign II
  • Vino Italiano I
  • Vino Italiano II
  • Vino Italiano III
  • Vino Italiano IV
  • New York City Sign I
  • New York City Sign II
  • Nesting I
  • Nesting II
  • Art Nouveau Peacock Blue
  • Cities of the World I
  • Cities of the World II
  • Cities of the World III
  • Cities of the World IV
  • Parfum de Roses I
  • Parfum de Roses II
  • Bon Mots I
  • Bon Mots II
  • Bon Mots III
  • Bon Mots IV
  • Fleurs Blanc I
  • Fleurs Blanc II
  • Fleurs Blanc III
  • Viva la Paris I
  • Viva la Paris II
  • Tea in Paris I
  • Tea in Paris II
  • Bistro Nouveau I
  • Bistro Nouveau II
  • Les Paons I
  • Les Paons II
  • Timeless Voyage I
  • Timeless Voyage II
  • Rose of London I
  • Rose Of London II
  • Chalet d'Ete I
  • Chalet d'Ete II
  • Atelier de Roses
  • Vintage French Sign I
  • Vintage French Sign II
  • Vintage French Sign III
  • Vintage French Sign IV
  • Vintage French Sign V
  • Vintage French Sign VI
  • Vintage French Sign VII
  • Vintage French Sign VIII
  • Vintage French Sign IX
  • Memories And Whispers
  • Chambres, Le Bain (Bathroom)
  • Chambres, La Cuisine (Kitchen)
  • Chambres, Salon (Sitting Room)
  • Chambres, La Buanderie (Laundry)
  • Saisons Printemps (Spring)
  • Saisons Ete (Summer)
  • Saisons Automne (Autumn)
  • Saisons Hiver (Winter)
  • Wines of France, Chardonnay
  • Wines of France, Grenache
  • Wines of France, Merlot
  • Wines of France, Pinot Noir
  • Wines of France, Grenache II
  • Nouveau Cafe I
  • Nouveau Cafe II
  • Fleurs de Paris I (Amaryllis)
  • Fleurs de Paris II (Irises)
  • Patisserie I, Bon Bons
  • Patisserie II, Cupcake
  • Patisserie III, Tiramasu
  • Patisserie IV, Framboise Cupcake
  • Patisserie V, Cafe de Paris (Coffee)
  • Patisserie VI, Neopolitan Layered Cookie
  • Patisserie VII, Strawberry Cupcake
  • Patisserie VIII, Chocolate Cupcake
  • Patisserie IX, Gourmet Coffee
  • Patisserie X, Cafe Espresso
  • Patisserie XI, Delicious Cafe
  • Flying Over Paris I
  • Flying Over Paris II
  • Dinner Conversation I
  • Dinner Conversation II
  • Dinner Conversation III
  • Dinner Conversation IV
  • Art Deco Girl
  • Roses Antoinette
  • Petals And Wings I
  • Petals And Wings II
  • Petals And Wings III
  • Petals And Wings IV
  • Petals And Wings V
  • Petals And Wings VI
  • Paris Fashion
  • Milan Fashion
  • Bon Appetit I
  • Bon Appetit II
  • Chinatown
  • Le Bain
  • Belles Fleurs I
  • Belles Fleurs II
  • Victorian Romance I
  • Victorian Romance II
  • Victorian Romance III
  • Victorian Romance IV
  • Tea And Roses I
  • Tea And Roses II
  • Tea And Roses III
  • Parfumerie I
  • Parfumerie II
  • Les Balons I
  • Les Balons II
  • He Gave Me Flowers I
  • He Gave Me Flowers II
  • Tournesol Rouge
  • Paris Pink Tea Roses
  • Crawfish Restaurant Vintage Sign
  • Crab Restaurant Vintage Sign
  • Afternoon In Paris I
  • Afternoon In Paris II
  • A Date With Paris I
  • A Date With Paris II
  • Fleurs Enchantées One
  • Fleurs Enchantées Two
  • Fleurs Enchantées Three
  • Fleurs Enchantées Four
  • Fleurs Enchantées Five
  • Fleurs Enchantées Six
  • Dragonfly City
  • Escape Plans
  • Destinations London
  • Destinations Paris
  • Forest Of Butterflies
  • Red Moon Gypsy
  • Queen of Wands
  • Sirensong
  • Butterfly Princess
  • The Hat
  • Gabriellas Closet
  • Josephine Bakers Floor
  • Nymph Awakening
  • When in Paris
  • Change of Heart
  • Marcie in Paris
  • Paris Nine
  • Poitrine Rose
  • Emilys Kitchen
  • Moon Over Paris
  • Moon Over London
  • Moon Over Pisa
  • Moon Over New York
  • Moon Over Moscow
  • Shoe Fetish

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