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Before you upload, it is very important to read the following:

Your Art or Photos on our Products

- If you want us to print your art or photography on our products, for optimum results, your file must be 300 dpi. We accept .jpg, .pdf, .psd and .tif formats, but we highly prefer .tif. We encourage you to use zipped or rar'd archives.

-If you don't have a high resolution, 300 dpi image, depending on the item, we can either scan it for you or you can have it scanned yourself by going to Kinko's or Staples and asking them for a 300 dpi digital scan. In order for scans to solve a low resolution problem, the file you send MUST be at least two megabytes in size.

-All fonts must be rasterized and embedded in the file, if applicable. If the file uses layers, the file must be flattened before you submit it to us.

-Sizing: if your digitally-formatted (.psd, .jpg, .tif, .pdf) file has at least five or so megs of data, we may be able to safely enlarge it for printing, if necessary. We cannot know until we actually have the image in our hands and we know what product you are interested in. We will be glad to crop and size the image for you if you send us an image with enough data to work with.

-We cannot promise quality printing on ANYTHING if you upload a file less than two megabytes. (Ideal files are way larger than that).

-RAR and ZIP archives are most welcome, and preferred.

-It is not possible to simply enlarge the image in your art program by changing its size. This results in blurry, pixelated images that are not suitable for printing.

-We will crop and size the image for you. The following is just to give you an idea of the ideal sizes we need, so you understand we need very large images, rich in data, to work from:

Here are some typical image sizes in pixels:
-a 12" x 12" tile image in 300 dpi needs to be 3660 pixels wide by 3660 pixels.
-a 4.25" x 4.25" tile in 300 dpi needs to be 1320 x 1320 pixels.
-a 6" x 6" tile in 300 dpi needs to be 1860 pixels.
-an 8" x 10" tile in 300 dpi needs to be 2460 pixels by 2970 pixels.
- a coffee mug image in 300 dpi needs to be 2811 pixels wide by 1185 pixels deep.


If you upload an image without specific instruction for your order, or a specific question about the product you want it printed on, your image will be immediately deleted.

If you upload an image without placing an order within a couple of hours, your image will be deleted.

Please do not upload images unless you are seriously considering buying a product or send us specific information/request for assistance about the readiness of printing for your image. Otherwise they will be deleted, and immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Custom Paintings
We are much more flexible with size and resolution with orders for custom paintings, as the production process is different, so much smaller images that are 72-90 dpi and up may work fine. Please upload it to us with a note, and we will get back to you right away if you are not sure. Click here to learn about our special paintings-from-photos art service. It's not assembly-line art. Every painting project is individual, customized and painstakingly created.

After You Upload

You will receive a confirmation email informing you that the upload was a success. You will also get a reference number. Please use that reference number to order your custom-printed product at our online store. If you do not see a reference number, no problem. Just use your name when you order. Type your name in the empty field where it says "my uploaded art/photography."

>>>Important: uploads without explicit instructions or specific questions will be immediately deleted. Uploads not accompanied by an order within a couple of hours will be deleted.>>>>>>>>>

If you still have questions, or you are not sure your file meets our requirements for the item you want, please email us. Or upload your image with a specific note about your concerns and we'll get back to you.

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