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Gorgeous Original Tile Patterns

Patterns on custom tile are perfect for tile murals, floors, accent tiles, backsplashes and tile wall borders. They are ideal for accents or narrow backsplashes on walls, above ovens, as accent tiles or patterns on countertops, too. But tile murals and backsplashes are also made from beautiful tile patterns. Also, imagine a stunning tile coffee table or even a tile lazy susan or glass cutting board with one of the patterns shown below. Or a glorious keepsake/jewelry box or glass clock with a beautiful pattern of your choosing. When it comes to custom home decor accents and custom art gifts, Color Bakery is one of a kind.

We have patterns in all colors and styles, patterns assured to delight every taste and style of home decor.

***For our most recent award-winning mix-n-match styles for home decor, you *must* check out our Organica Gallery!

  • Daring Deco I
  • Daring Deco II
  • Daring Deco III
  • Daring Deco IV
  • Hope I
  • Hope II
  • Autumn Harvest I
  • Autumn Harvest II
  • Autumn Chrysanthemums I
  • Autumn Chrysanthemums II
  • Prism Poetry I
  • Prism Poetry II
  • Emma's Garden I
  • Emmas Garden II
  • The Joy Of Leaves I
  • The Joy Of Leaves II
  • Bandhana I
  • Bandhana II
  • Memories And Whispers I
  • Memories And Whispers II
  • Etheric Circles I
  • Etheric Circles II
  • Native Elements
  • Wild Winds I
  • Wild Winds II
  • Wild Winds III
  • Daisy Darlings I
  • Daisy Darlings II
  • Daisy Darlings III
  • Daisy Darlings IV
  • Butterfly Morning
  • Blueberry Rosettes I
  • Blueberry Rosettes II
  • Organic Lace I
  • Organic Lace II
  • Organic Lace III
  • Organic Lace IV
  • Organic Lace V
  • Daisy Cartwheels I
  • Daisy Cartwheels II
  • Coal and Lime
  • Flower Shower I
  • Flower Shower II
  • Bloomin' Lace Dijon
  • Bloomin' Lace Blue I
  • Bloomin' Lace Blue II
  • Dancing Dahlias I
  • Dancing Dahlias II
  • Dancing Dahlias III
  • Petals 'n Paisley Series, Colorway One
  • Petals N Paisley Series, Colorway Two
  • Petals N Paisley Series, Stripe
  • Petals N Paisley Series, Small Floral
  • Grapes-n-Vines
  • Isabelle's Roses
  • Monique
  • Le Fleurs Enchantees Pattern One
  • Le Fleurs Enchantees Pattern Three
  • Le Fleurs Enchantees Pattern Two
  • Ariana
  • Gladys Kravitz
  • Kari
  • Arabesque
  • Dancing Dandelions
  • Plethora of Petals
  • Batik And Lace
  • Swirly Floralia
  • Arielle Coffee
  • Arielle Olive
  • Arlette
  • Arsenic And Old Lace
  • Artichoke Flowers
  • Sienna Roses
  • Autumn Squared
  • Darci
  • Spring Garden
  • Swirled
  • Watercolor Flowers
  • Playful Daisies
  • Cuppa Joe
  • Suns
  • Tie Dye
  • Rusty Grunge
  • Church Window Pink
  • Baby Pink
  • Four Cats
  • Church Window Blue
  • Claudette
  • South Beach
  • Nouveau Vines
  • Dominique
  • Esme
  • Florettes Green
  • Florettes Blue
  • Grapes and Buds Black
  • Grapes And Buds Blue
  • Grapes and Buds Ecru
  • Margot
  • Nouveau Damask
  • Paisley Party
  • Old Paris
  • Pink and Paisley
  • Pirhouette
  • Primarily Pink
  • Purple and Paisley
  • Roses and Linen
  • Sage and Paisley
  • Scarlet and Tulips
  • Teal Art Nouveau
  • Viva La France
  • Arabella
  • Justine
  • Frond Memories
  • Watercolor Daisies And Leaves
  • Wedgewood Trellis
  • Coffee Trellis
  • Arts And Crafts
  • Provence
  • Provence Black and White
  • Four For Nature

We can also design a pattern just for you from scratch. And yes, we can change the colors of the images you see here. We can also create patterns that match your bed linens, table linens, throw pillows or couch and print it on tile for you. Contact us to find out more.

Together, we can create the most exquisite glass or porcelain tile floor you've ever seen---for gawking just as much as for walking. Or custom tile pieces. Or tile murals as the perfect centerpieces for any room. The possibilities are endlessly beautiful and as unique as your vision. From modern, to impressionist, to art deco, to stained glass, to textured patterns...there is something here to delight everyone and match any style and decor.

Patterns are especially perfect for accent tiles, border tiles, glass placemats, fabric placemats, napkins, clocks, pillow cases, serving trays.

We can create it for you using our refreshingly unique, award-winning custom art patterns on ceramic tile or glass, art you can only find through Color Bakery. We can create custom tile murals, floors, clocks, candle sconces, mirrors, furniture, keepsake boxes....anything you can dream of.

All patterns on our pattern pages are available for all the products on the Color Bakery site. We can make any product you'd like using either any of the patterns you see below or we can create one for you custom--you pick the colors and ambience you want and we'll take it from there. Just contact us.

How do I order my image choice(s) custom printed on products?
Select the image you want. Note the image name.
Click here to visit our online store. Register for the store.
Pick any product you like: you will see many categories listed.
Type the name of the image where it says "Color Bakery image" in the blank field as you fill your cart.

Not sure you want a pattern?

1. Browse our Dreamscape Collection of our most popular images.
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3. See our Emergence Collection featuring the lovely butterfly.
4. See our Photography Gallery featuring the beauty of rural Vermont
5. See our Paintings Gallery, featuring impressionistic art.
5. See our Zodiac Series.
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8. See our Vintage Art Gallery.

All Color Bakery's art and art products, as well as website art and photography, are exclusive and original works.
All artwork and art products and website art and photography are copyrighted to Mindy Sommers and Color Bakery.
No art or images may be reproduced in any form or fashion without the express permission of Mindy Sommers. All rights reserved.

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