Glass Tile - available in 4.25" x 4.25", 6" x 6" and 12" x 12"
The image is printed on the bottom of the tile. The top of the tile has a rough skid resistant surface. Suitable for floors, pools, kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere. The tiles are ANSI rated for commercial and residential floors. Since the image is on the bottom of the tile, this is the most durable tile offered.

Ceramic Gloss Tile – available in 4.25” x 4.25”, 6” x 6” and 12" x 12"
These tiles have a high gloss finish. They are the least scratch resistant of all the tiles and the gloss surface does, in fact, scratch easily. These tiles are great for murals that are displayed as artwork. These tiles are not suitable for murals anywhere that will have washing – as the scratches will show up in the high gloss of the tile. We do not recommend high gloss for murals, as there is glare as well.

Satin Matte Ceramic Tile – avail in 4.25” x 4.25”, 6” x 6” and 12" x 12"
These rich tiles have a matte surface that is scratch and moisture resistant and are suitable for use in moist interior/damp areas. These tiles can scratch under extreme pressure. These tiles are great for tile murals behind a kitchen backsplash, as a shower surround or wall mural. These tiles can NOT be submerged under water. (This tile finish is the artist's personal favorite).

Tumbled Stone Tiles – available in 4.25” x 6”
These tiles have a rough hewn surface and are very scratch resistant. They can be used as a kitchen backsplash, counter top, or table top. The tumbled tiles are the only tiles that need to be sealed if used in a "dirty" environment such as a kitchen backsplash. These tiles are much thicker than a standard ceramic tile.