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Caring for your tile mural

Glass Tiles
Our glass manufacturer recommends MegaFlex Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar in White for mounting glass tile in any application. This product is manufactured by Custom Building Products. Or, you may use a poly bonding substance available at craft stores or from Home Depot. Glass tiles (smooth) come in 4.25", 6", 8" and 12" square. Smooth glass should not be used for floors, only walls or decorative use.

Tempered Glass Tiles (available in 6," 12" and 8")
Perfect for floors as well as wall murals, these textured tiles (or "onion skin")
meet and exceed ASTM tests set forth by ANSI standards for commercial and residential floor, wall and pool applications. Images are applied to the back side of the glass to protect the dyes from wear and abrasion. Tempered glass tiles cannot be cut. We recommend MegaFlex Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar in White for mounting the textured glass tile in any application. Manufactured by Custom Building Products, this adhesive has superior bond strength without damaging the white backing on the tiles. We recommend grout specifically formulated for use with glass tile. Tiles can be cleaned with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

Floor Tiles
Floor tiles come in 8 and 12" square. They come in tempered glass, ceramic and porcelain. The porcelain floor tiles are by far the superior of the three. These tiles are scratch resistant, skid resistant and made to take weight and foot traffic.

Ceramic Tiles
Gloss- High gloss tiles provide a stunning canvas for art, and is especially beautiful when working with color-soaked images. However, there is sometimes a glare issue with murals, and these tiles do scratch easily. It is not recommended for surfaces that require frequent cleaning. These tiles are treated with UV inhibitors to protect against sunlight. Use unsanded grout only. Use non-abrasive cleanser with soft sponge or cloth.

Matte-Matte tiles are beautiful, elegant and scratch resistant. Color Bakery's personal favorite choice for ceramic tile, matte tiles are perfectly suited for images rich in color and gradations in hue. Excellent for kitchen backsplashes and showers, you may use any commercially available adhesive for ceramic tile. For grouting, we recommend unsanded grout. Use non-abrasive cleanser with soft sponge or cloth.

Tumbled Stone Tiles
A flat stone finish that presents any art or image in an old-world fashion, these elegant tiles are very porous and must be sealed if used in water applications such as showers or backsplashes. Tumbled Stone is a compressed sandstone product. Each tile is individually cut, causing some variation in color, texture, size and thickness. You may find chipped edges and corners missing on various tiles, a rustic and nostalgic look that adds to the beauty of the tile. You may use standard adhesive recommended for tumbled stone tile. Sanded or un-sanded grout may be used. Use a non-abrasive cleanser with a soft sponge or cloth.

Tumbled Porcelain Tiles
Special order. These tiles were made especially for Color Bakery, on behalf of the US Marines. They are the only tiles that are made to withstand rugged, harsh outdoor conditions. Please contact us to inquire about these beautiful tumbled porcelain tiles, with an old-world look, similar to that of tumbled stone. These tiles are originally made by the finest craftspeople in Italy.

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