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Military Recruiting Posters

Welcome to Color Bakery's Military Gallery, where you can get any of the images below printed in glorious color on any product we make. We are proud to be able to offer United States War Bonds, military wartime and public awareness posters from World War I, World War II and some modern posters as well.

Because we are honored to have the United States Marines as a client, we are able to offer you rare images that are not readily available elsewhere. Since we received the original posters from the Marines, these reproductions are of the highest of quality and reproduce incredibly well--they are high quality, high resolution scans of the original posters. These are a rare treat and incredible pieces of United States history. Please note that these images are reflective of the times in which they were produced; therefore, some symbols may be offensive to some viewers.

To order any of these images on any of our products, just enter the image number in the space provided when loading your shopping cart. Click here to go to our online store.

Please note: if you are not ordering these images as a vertical tile mural but as another Color Bakery product, keep in mind that these images are vertically oriented so if you choose a product that requires a square or horizontal image, they must be cropped to size. If you are unsure, please email us so we can help.

To see each image full size, click the thumbnail.

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MIL01, Bayonet Marines Recruiting Poster, World War II
MIL02, Flag Recruiting Poster, US Marines, World War I
MIL03, He Is The Reason Marines Recruiting Poster, Modern
MIL04, US Marines Recruiting Poster, Smack 'Em Down, World War I
MIL05, Updated US Marines Poster from a WWII original, "Still Ready"
MIL06, Tell That to the Marines, WWII poster
Want Action Military Poster, MIL07, US Marines, WWII
MIL08, US Marines Recruiting Poster for Women, WWII
MIL09. US Marines Recruiting Poster, "Loose Talk can Cost Lives," WWII
MIL10, "The World Has Ears" Vintage Poster
MIL11, "Sew For Victory", Vintage Military Poster
MIL12, "Enemy Sub" Vintage War Awareness Poster
MIL13, "This Happens..." War Awareness Vintage Poster
MIL14, "Stamp Them Out" Vintage War Awareness Poster

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