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We are putting together a new system for our mailing list and newsletter, so it may be a bit before we are set up and ready to go.

However, we frequently post news about new products, tile murals, new art, sales, bargains, promotions, giveaways, discounts, etc, on our blog. So if you ever want to know what is going on at Color Bakery, see our newest products and get all the news about sales and promotions, we urge you to see our blog--even better, to subscribe to it.

You can also subscribe to our blog by using our Live RSS Feed.

So please visit our blog for now, and by all means sign up for our newsletter by entering your name and email addy below. We should have everything ready to go in a month or two. Please bear with us.

If you join us on Facebook, you will have access to sales, promos and discounts that nobody else has. So follow us now :)

Your name and email addy will never, ever be sold or given away to anyone, for any reason-your privacy will be protected always. And you can also opt out any time by unsubscribing. Good deal, huh? ;)

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