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How do I add my site to The Ring?
1. Click on "register" (choose a name and password and keep them in a safe place).

2. Log in. Click on "add site", and enter the details such as the name of the site, and the *full* website address (i.e., "http://www...", as well as keywords to help surfers find you. Also, please ensure that the website url you use is the very same page upon which the ring code will reside, such as "http://www.yourdomain.com/tilegallery.html"

3. Then, still logged in, click on "get code." This code will automatically include your proper site ID number. Copy and paste this code (control/c is copy, control/v is paste) into your web page where you want the code to appear. (Usually, people put it at the bottom of their page). Please make sure you install the code on your index.html page (or the very first page) of your website. If you have a splash page, then install it on the very first page you click on when you enter.

4. To install the code, use your html editor (like Dreamweaver, Front Page, Net Objects Fusion, etc), or some people find it easier just to use a plain text editor like Notepad or EditPad. Just copy the code and paste it, and you're done.


On what page of my site must the code appear?
We'd prefer--strongly--that you put the ring code on your index.html (or index.php or index.asp etc) page...i.e., the very first page of your site. If you have a splash page, the page after that is fine. The only other option we will consider is if you have a tile or art gallery that you think would be more appropriate, then we will allow the ring graphic to appear on that page instead. If that's the case, please enter this gallery page URL when you add your site information. (For example, if you want the code on this page of your site: www.yourdomain.com/gallery.html, then that is the exact URL you should use when you register your site.)

IMPORTANT: We do NOT accept link pages or ring pages for the ring graphic and code. The ring graphic *must* appear on either your index.html page, your main entry page if you have a splash page, or your main tile art gallery page. Websites who place the ring graphics anywhere else on the website other than the aforementioned will not be approved. We are sorry to be so unyielding about this, but having ring code anywhere/everywhere on a site makes it almost impossible for surfers to find their way around the ring, and we want to make this ring the most professional and easy to navigate as possible.

Can I change the ring graphic?
We really really really would rather you did not; it's important that the ring graphic logo be consistent and identifiable. If you absolutely positively must change the graphic, please let us know and send us a copy. We retain the right of final approval, and may deny usage of an altered banner if it does not remain within our guidelines. If you want only text links instead of a graphic, that's perfectly fine as long as all the same links are present in text as they are in the regular graphic. Do you want some more, alternate ring graphics to choose from? Click here.

Is there a charge to join?
No. It's absolutely free.

I have more than one site. Can I submit both?
Yes, if they have different content and have a different domain address.

I registered and added my site, but it's not showing up in the ring. Why?
Most likely, it's because you either didn't add the ring code to the site, or you added it to a page we deem unacceptable, like a links page.

I registered, added my site and added the code, but it's not working.
The ring code will not work properly until we validate your site. If you know for a fact that your site has been added to the ring and it's still not working properly, contact us.

I would like to participate in the Art Tile Ring's rotating banner program, which is free for members. What do I need to do?
Click here to learn more.

I was turned down after adding my site. Why?
We will not accept sites for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include: you don't have hand-produced tiles; your site loads way too slowly; you have music you can't turn off; you have excessive scripts or applets that crash browsers; your site is so poorly designed it's almost impossible to navigate; you have extensive advertising and/or popups; your site is nothing more than a links site; you have too many animated gifs or "blinkies" or cursor trails that are distracting; you have hateful or vulgar content.

Unsuitable Content
Pages containing pornography, sexually explicit material, information about illegal drugs or activities, messages of hate or racism or direct links to such material will not be accepted regardless of the artistic content.

A Word About Thumbnails

As artists, we do understand the need to keep the integrity of your art by not compressing images too much. We do not expect quick loading of your full size images. However, your images must be also rendered in thumbnail format so the surfer may quickly see an overview of your gallery contents, and click on them to view the larger image.

While we understand that many like having their pages in their native language, we ask (not demand) that you provide English versions of your pages, and that either you have the Art Tile Ring graphic on the English version of your website, or the link to the English version be prominent and easily located on the page the Art Tile Ring does link to.

How would I go about becoming the Featured Site?
Email us and tell us why you think your site would make a good Featured Site. Tell us about yourself, your art, and anything else you think would be appropriate for us to know about you and your work.

I have many ideas and experiences in art tile. Can I share them?
Yes, and there are many artists--members or not---who would love to read about them. We will be publishing articles on the website, written by our members, meant to teach, assist, enlighten or inspire. Whether it's to talk about your technique, great sourcing info for materials, how you started, how you increased traffic to your site or any other topic that your sister and brother artists would be interested in, send us an article. To have your article published on the site, please email us and send us your article

Can I contact you with questions or suggestions?
Absolutely. Send an email to us by clicking here for our contact form. Or send an email to: peapod_grrl at yahoo dot com.

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