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Artists: let us print your art on beautiful gift and home decor products.

Custom Printing: Your Art, our Products. Shown: Tile and Glass NightlightIf You're An Artist or Photographer, Imagine Your Work...
...on beautiful, high quality tile murals, custom home decor, personalized art gifts and other products that you can either give as gifts or resell to your customers and fans. You can sell your custom art products online, or at craft fairs, local stores or out of your home. Many artists make a living this way, or substantially supplement their income. Color Bakery, a producer of beautiful customized art products, can make custom art printing a reality for artists and photographers who want their art on high quality gift products but don't have the wherewithall or desire to purchase high minimums.

On What Kind of Products Can You Print My Art?
Tile murals, custom tile; ceramic, glass or tumbled stone tile murals, coffee mugs, decorative porcelain plates, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, tumbled stone tiles, coaster sets, and much more can be customized with your very own art or photography. Tiles can be displayed in numerous part of home decor/art products, as wall murals, on easels and more. Art galleries and craft shops sell original art tiles from artists like you.

But What About Places Like Cafe Press?
Many artists, thinking they don't have other options, make their art available through internet sites that will produce and ship similar products after you upload your high resolution art to their server....but the quality is usually low, the printing is substandard, and worst of all, you have no access to the customer who is buying from you. Further, once you add your profit on top of the base cost, you've priced yourself out of the market. The only people who profit from these sites are the sites themselves, rarely the artist.

Artists have written to us to tell us about the disappointments they've had with online printing companies or local area printers who advertise printing on mugs and similar items. These artists were universally disappointed with the vibrance, color and overall quality of their product. Color Bakery has an unwavering commitment to reproducing your art just the way it was meant to appear. We're artists ourselves, so we do not take color reproduction and quality lightly.

Another Artist Will Be Assuring Quality For You
As artists ourselves, we not only understand how important it is to maintain control over both the quality of your products, but having direct access to your customers as well. Our pricing is low to allow you to reasily resell at a much higher profit than you would ever receive from these internet sites who provide custom printing and order fullfillment. Our tile wall murals in particular are extremely competively priced, making it accessible to the artist for resale to their customers. Since you will have an artist working on your products, you can be assured of someone as passionate about your work as you are, and just about as discerning and fussy about getting the hues, saturation and contrast just right.

The Better The Image You Send, The Better The Result
If you send us an image less than two megs of data, we cannot deliver optimum results. The quailty of the end result is directly proportionate to the quality of the image you send to please make sure you send us the biggest and highest resolution image you have.

How Do I Start?

If you would like your existing artwork or logo on tile murals, custom tile, mugs, ceramic/glass/stone tiles or other Color Bakery products, the minimum first order: $350.00. Reorder: $350.00. There may be a setup charge for making the artwork printer-ready. We apply this charge on a case-by-case basis, depending on how long it takes us to prepare the image(s). (If you are conversant with an art program like Photoshop or Paintshop Pro and can follow a template and size your art properly, no set-up charge would apply.)

Non-Resellers-single purchases/end consumer
If you are not interesting in reselling your work but just want your artwork printed on one of our products, click here. Upload your art/photo, then visit our online store and make your purchase.

If you would like a wholesale price list or need more information, please email us. The address is colorbakery at gmail dot com. Or use our contact form by clicking here.

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